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Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary

Bird Sanctuary In Karnataka Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary You will find crocodiles basking under the sun, others running free, flocks of birds gathered on tiny islands that come all the way from Siberia, Australia and even North America. Birds include the open-bill stork, the white ibis, egret, heron, patridge and the cormorant trying. Ranganthittu is indeed a visual delight. This lovely sanctuary is located a very short drive off the main Bangalore-Mysore highway from Srirangapatna. The park is not very large in area (0.67 sq. km) but houses a huge population of birds, a delightful sight to behold during the main nesting season from June to November. Ranganthittu came into existence due to the creation of a small dam on the river Cauvery in the 17th centuary, then declared a protected area in 1940. The sanctuary is host to a myriad of bird species such as cormorants, darters, white ibis, storks (spoonbilled, openbilled, painted, white necked), egrets, herons, terns, swallows, streaked weavers, ducks, teals, sandpipers, kingfishers, etc. The mammal population consists of fruit bats, bonnet macaques, palm civets, common mongoose and common otters. The reptile population at the sanctuary is mainly represented by the marsh crocodiles.

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is unique and located in the midst of dense forest at a distance of 15 km on the Banavasi Road in Gudavi in Sorab taluk of Shimoga district. Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is surrounded by agricultural fields on the west and north, and by moist deciduous forest on the east and south.Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is spread over an area of 0.73 sq km and offers a number of exquisite bird species. Various kinds of birds migrate Gudavi for breeding in monsoon season i.e., between June and December. A natural lake and the trees give shelter to these birds.Guduvi is one of the 5 famous bird sanctuaries of Karnataka. According to the survey done in 1993, it is told that 191 varieties of birds are found at Gudavi Bird Sanctuary. Some important birds that are found at Gudavi include White Pebis, Stone Bill, Egret, Cormorant, Snake bird, Heron etc. A platform is built here for a closer look of birds.

Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary

Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is located at a distance of 30 km from Shimoga on the way to Theerthahalli from Shimoga. Though Mandagadde Bird sanctuary is not considered one of the biggest of the bird sanctuaries of Karnataka, it is a habitat for a variety of birds.Mandagadde bird sanctuary is one of the few bird sanctuaries in the Malnad region which is spread about 1.14 acres and surrounded by dense forest. This picnic spot houses some of the spectacular migratory birds.

Attiveri Bird Sanctuary

Attiveri Bird Sanctuary, located near Mundgod in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka is home to 79 species of birds including migratory birds from 22 countries. The area of Attiveri Bird Sanctuary is 2.23 sq. km. The Attiveri Reservoir was formed as a result of the construction of a dam across Tayawwanahalla in the village of Attiveri. This reservoir attracted many birds, especially aquatic species and was therefore developed as a bird sanctuary. The agricultural fields nearby the sanctuary are host to a variety of aquatic creatures which are a main source of food for the birds of the sanctuary.

Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary

Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary (29.78 sq km) was declared as a bird sanctuary on 17th June, 1974. The boundaries of the sanctuary enclose a stretch of about 28 km of the Ghataprabha river, including the reservoir resulting from the dam built near Dhupdhal, and over 20 islets along the stretch. The sanctuary is surrounded by agricultural fields. A railway line and a road cross the sanctuary near the dam

Kokrebellur Bird Sanctuary

Kokrebellur - A birdwatchers paradise. 75 Kms from Bangalore, this place stands in the midst of a living village. It is a surprise element for the people who are new comers of this place to see the villagers and the birds co-existing. The birds are perched literally on the Tamarind trees, located in the backyard of the houses. In local language Kokre means Stork and Belloor means a village famous for bella (Jaggery), so it is christened as Kokrebellur.

Magadi Bird Sanctuary

Magadi Bird Sanctuary created at The Magadi tank, It is one of the Biodiversity hotspots of Karnataka, in North Karnataka. The Magadi tank is located in Magadi village of Shirhatti Taluk, From Gadag it is 26 km, it is located on Gadag Bangalore Road, from Shirhatti it is 8 km, and from Lakshmeshwar

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